Simpson, Family Guy and American Dad are the best Porn Comic Parodies EVER!

I’m a big fan of porn comics, especially parody porn comics.

My fapping passion lies in 3 different parodies: Family Guy Comics, American Dad & the Simpsons.

What I like in Family Guy Porn Comics

I love that delicious MILF Lois Griffin – she is just super hot babe. Also most artists who make Family Guy xxx comics and pics tend to draw Lois, which is only a plus in my books.

What I like in American Dad Porn Comics

Hayley and Francine Smith turn me on like crazy. Francine is a gorgeous MILF, she has an amazing body for a wife and a mother of two kids. Hayley is Francine’s daughter and when porn comics depict both Hayley and Francine my fapping hand goes all crazy.

What I like in the Simpsons Porn Comics

In the Simpsons porn comics, I love Marge Simpson. She is just so freaking hot. I mean everybody probably heard about Marge Simpson. I watched Simpsons since I was a kid and my sex fantasies still continue today about delicious Marge.

The best about all 3 parodies

It’s obviously incest comics where either Marge, Francine or Lois get down and dirty with other family members. I mean seriously if you are an incest fan and never fapped to either porn comic parody then you lost hours of playfulness.

Simpson, Family Guy and American Dad are the best Porn Comic Parodies EVER!

How I fell in Love with interracial XXX comics for adults

First of all, I love interracial porn. Before comics, I watched and fapped like crazy hundreds of interracial videos. After a while, my interest grew to more hardcore stuff in porn, and interracial videos simply couldn’t cope with my weird sex demands.

I never thought that comics would be such a turn on, but porn comics turned out to be even better than videos.

Interracial porn comics got my attention because they had everything I ever dreamed of seeing in videos. Plus, I began to read….a lot since reading porn comics.

Things I love in interracial comics that are just really hard in videos.

  • Skinny babes who are dominated by black cock.
  • Massive, like super crazy cock sizes.
  • The variety of comics.
  • The amount of new awesome interracial porn comics that come out every week.
  • Seriously slutty girls, babes and MILFS.

But most important is the cuckold and gangbang. Oh how I love reading interracial cuckold comics. Husband is watching how his wife is fucked in his home, under his roof in his own bed by a black male. And gangbang  is another crazy fantasy that comes into life with interracial porn comics.

Seriously, if you never read interracial comics, then you got to do it…like right now because it’s just so much better than porn videos.

How I fell in Love with interracial XXX comics for adults

Best Porn Comics Artists

When I think of who is the best porn comic artist I think of only two people: Melkor Mancin and John Persons.

John Persons porn comics illustrate interracial sexual intercourse, mainly, between sexy white woman and black male. Interracial porn is nothing new, but John Person creates black male characters with seriously big black cocks and all of his comics have the most crucial part – penetration. Penetration of that big cock inside tight pussy is just mind blowing sexy. I really recommend John Persons Porn Comics if you are a big fan: penetration, slutty white girls, interracial porn and big breasts.

Melkor Mancin porn comics illustrate something entirely different to John Persons but nonetheless he is a master of porn comics that he makes. What Melkor Mancin did was take hentai style drawing and create fully colored and uncensored porn comics drawn in hentai style. All hentai comic fans know how frustrating it is when a comic is censored and not colored. So if you a big fan of fully colored, uncensored and english hentai manga porn comics then you’ve got to check out porn comics by Melkor Mancin.

Best Porn Comics Artists

drawn sex (drawn-sex) hot cartoon parody porn comics

Drawn-sex is a popular porn comic website which depicts popular characters from popular cartoon tv series, and animated films, like Futurama, Family Guy, Simpsons, X-Men, Spiderman and so on. In Drawn-sex porn comics characters like Spiderman, Leela, Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin and so get naked and have hardcore sex. Pretty awesome porn comics if you ask me. When I watched Family Guy I always wondered what Lois Griffin looks like when she’s naked, and drawn-sex porn comics just turned my imagination into a porn comic.

drawn sex (drawn-sex) hot cartoon parody porn comics